99% Chance of Large LA Quake?

Seismologists estimate the risk of a major LA earthquake as 85-99%, LA Times, 10-22-15

The San Andreas Fault is " locked, loaded and ready to go  ..."
So says news reporter, Gary Franchi in this 3 minute video...

The sign of an impending major earthquake should be the destruction of Jerusalem because both are linked by the phrase, "the day of the Lord" as seen in Joel 2:10,11 & Zech 14:1,2.

When we see Jerusalem compassed with armies, it's time to take a closer look at the Bible, and the two books offered below are the best sources I can recommend to explain what you see in this column =>






























Thinking men and women everywhere see world events as omens of impending crisis. The Chinese word for crisis has two characters--danger and opportunity. We look at both. Danger because what’s coming will be HUGE.


The Bible suggests that the end-time "day of the Lord" will be initiated by an earthquake in Joel 2:10,11.


The 'day of the Lord' is also signaled by destruction in Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1,2) where "All nations are gathered against Jerusalem to battle."


The earthquake probably comes a month later, ‘As the days of Noah,’ when there was widespread destruction. The Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2ndspring month in Genesis 7:11.


Passover in the 2nd month is signaled by several other parables. Israelites didn’t travel in winter, and if they took a long journey in spring and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it a month later, Numbers 9:10.11.


This is how Christ ended the 10 virgin parable and introduced His last parable, Matt 25:13,14. This year, 2nd Passover begins Monday evening, May 20 and should be celebrated by tokens of His sacrifice, unleavened crackers like Triscuits and grape juice. Then we should “watch and pray.”


“The goodman, if he had known, would have watched and not suffered his house to be broken,” Matt 24:43.Watching (being awake and praying) is protective. Christ said, “If you don’t watch, I will come on you as a thief,” Rev 3:3.


 “Blessed is that servant whom his Lord finds watching; He will make him sit down to eat…and serve him.” Luke12:37. As an aid to watching (being awake to pray), an online biography on the life of Christ offers an opportunity of considering the closing scenes of His life and what He bore for us, praying between chapters, asking God to help us live according to His revealed will.


Here’s a link—scroll to page 642 to begin:


For the servant who is “so doing when He comes...He will make him ruler over all that He has.” Luke 12:44, but this includes opening to His “knock.”


The 'knock' in verse 36 is about an earthquake because the only other place Christ “knocks” was for a lukewarm church that ended in an earthquake, Rev 3:14-21.


So how do we ‘Open unto Him immediately’? Luke  12:36 is about the feast of unleavened bread that begins at Passover. The wedding parables all have Passover imagery, like the 'midnight cry' in Matt 25:6 that goes back to Egypt, Exod 12:29,30.


Yet the feast of unleavened bread is not about crackers, but doctrines, as Matt 16:12 suggests. Christ said, “Beware the leaven (teaching) of the Pharisees” Matt 16:12.


The feast that we are invited to, is information that is not leavened (made light) by church leaders who say it's not important or that it’s Jewish and we are Christians. It’s about teachings that Christ said needed to be restored, Matt 17:11


It is on these topics that we are to make a covenant by which we marry Christ as Bridegroom. God got an ignorant bride at Sinai when they worshiped a calf 40 days later. This must not be so for Christ. We have the opportunity of considering what He wants from us in a prenuptial agreement in the Feast of Unleavened Bread.


Bible covenants were linked to sevens, like the 7 ewes that Abraham gave to Abimelech in Genesis 21:27,28. God gave Israel seven holy convocations, Leviticus 23. We should give Christ seven things that He has emphasized seven times as a mark of end-time truth—just like Revelation is a book of sevens for end-time.


This introduces The Earthquake & the Seven Seals as the ebook you will want to consider for the Feast of Unleavened Bread if Christ ‘knocks’ with an earthquake. It has mostly 5-star reviews @ Amazon where it is also available in soft cover.


The author believes it will enable you to survive the end-times because God promises to bless and protect those who make and keep their covenant, Exodus 34:10.


It will also enable the reader to be among the most privileged group in heaven, the 144,000 who get to follow Christ wherever He goes. Revelation 14:4.


That text says they are virgins. Since the Bible explains itself, they must be the wise virgins that get into the wedding, Matthew 25.

This all suggests huge importance for what's being shared. 


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