These earthquake pictures may not be an exaggeration--the San Andreas Fault is said to be " locked, loaded and ready to go  ..." (at 3.5 min-point)

For reasons beyond the scope of this webpage, an earthquake exceeding any so far is expected to introduce the end-times.

Thinking men and women everywhere see world events as omens of impending crisis. The Chinese word for crisis has two characters--danger and opportunity. We look at both…

Danger because what’s coming will be HUGE. ‘As the days of Noah,’ there will be widespread  destruction and loss of life. ‘As the days of Noah’ can also mean the same timing because the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2ndspring month in Genesis 7:4,11.

To be protected, the Bible suggests we should share communion (unleavened bread or crackers like Triscuits and grape juice) and then “watch and pray” on Thursday evening, May 11, like Christ said in Luke 12:36,37 also in Matthew 26:38-41.

If we see destruction in Jerusalem at Passover,April 12, it's a head's up for us to 'watch.' “The goodman, if he had known, would have watched and not suffered his house to be broken,” Matt 24:43.

“Watching” (being awake and praying) is protective. Christ said, “If you don’t watch, I will come on you as a thief,” Rev 3:3. “Blessed is that servant whom his Lord finds watching; He will make him sit down to eat…and serve him.” Luke12:37.

For the servant who is “so doing when He comes and knocks [this is about a huge earthquake because the only other place Christ “knocks” was for a lukewarm church that ended in an earthquake, Rev 3:14-21] He will make him [us if we’re watching] ruler over all that He has.” Luke 12:44.

But we will be “beaten with stripes” if we aren’t prepared. So this is high motivation—“ruler over all that He has” v “beaten with stripes,” to the intent that we are ready to do His will.

What is His will when He ‘knocks’? That we ‘open unto Him immediately.’ Luke 12:36. This verse shows it is a wedding parable and the wedding parable in Matthew 22 shows it’s also about a feast, but scorned by most people because all three wedding parables have Passover imagery and the feast at Passover is unleavened bread—not exactly what most people want!

Worse still, Christ showed that the unleavened bread was not about crackers or wafers, but doctrines when He said, “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees,” Matt 16:12. So the feast that we are invited to, is information that is not leavened (made light) by church leaders who say this or that is not important or that it’s Jewish and we are Christians. It’s about teachings that Christ said needed to be restored, Matt 17:11.

It is on these topics that we are to make a covenant by which we marry Christ as Bridegroom. God got an ignorant bride at Sinai when they worshiped a calf 40 days later . This must not be so for Christ. We have the opportunity of considering what He wants from us in a prenuptial agreement in the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Bible covenants were linked to sevens, like the 7 ewes that Abraham gave to Abimelech in Genesis 21:27,28. God gave Israel seven holy convocations, Leviticus 23. We should give Christ the seven things that He has emphasized seven times as a mark of end-time truth—just like Revelation is a book of sevens for end-time.

Christ replaced the Passover with the symbols of His body and blood for the Feast of Unleavened Bread that became communion. Communion means union with Him in the Word, but it has a double meaning as marriage to Him by a covenant, and both of these took a week in Bible times, Gen 29:27; Lev 23:6.

All of this to say that if He “knocks,” we will want to open to Him by consideration of the seven topics for the seven days, and here’s an example of the first one...

God wrote His name into the 10 Commandments stones as a way to memorialize His name, which was also the purpose of Solomon’s Temple, that 'all people...may know Thy name." 2Chron 6:32 ,33.

But translators removed the four letters (tetragrammaton) of God’s name and substituted LORD in all capital letters seven times, as seen in Exodus 20.

God’s name means salvation (Joel 2:32), and Josephus, Jewish historian in 70 AD, described the temple furniture and the High Priest’s golden crown “in which was engraved the Sacred Name…it consists of four vowels .” Wars of the Jews.

The point is, very few people know God’s Name as four vowels, but a textbook of classical Hebrew published by the Oxford University Press confirms that those letters were anciently vowels.

All of this to introduceThe Earthquake & the Seven Seals  as the  ebook you will want to consider for the Feast of Unleavened Bread if Christ ‘knocks’ with an earthquake at 2nd Passover as suggested by the clues we have briefly considered above.

The author believes it will enable you to survive the end-times because God promises to bless and protect those who make and keep their covenant, Exod 34:10. It will also enable the reader to be among the most privileged group in heaven, the 144,000 who get to follow Christ wheresoever He goes. Revelation 14:4.

That text also says they are virgins. Since the Bible explains itself, they must be the wise virgins that get into the wedding, Matthew 25.

This all suggests huge importance for what's being shared, and it would be worth all that you could pay for it, but the Water of Life is free, just asking for a $5 donation to cover the "plumbing costs"!

And for your donation, as a further benefit and incentive, here are two bonuses--

Bonus: America Is Gone! This truth will be realized when a huge earthquake initiates end-times and martial law becomes a reality. It’s been coming since the days of Reagan when he took a bullet and then appointed an ambassador to the Vatican and opened the border to Mexico and also approved FEMA camps for illegal aliens. 

Now the CIA (also called the Catholic Intelligence Agency ) and the DHS top Catholic leadership consider aliens okay, but fundamental Bible prophecy believers are potential domestic terrorists! Big trouble is impending. Why this is significant is explained in the pdf.

Bonus: Exodus II  America has a dozen parallels to Egypt. Israel went to Egypt in a time of famine. Pioneers came to America seeking freedom when the papacy banned the Bread of Life in the Old World and people hid the Bible in their homes at the peril of their lives. Egypt was the greatest nation then as America is now. Egypt murdered the babies: the US has aborted 60 million. God exercised judgment on Egypt and He will do so on America. It’s impending if we see Jerusalem destroyed at Passover, as Titus did in 70 AD. History repeats.

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